In San Marino, Valentino Rossi is The Donkey

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Valentino Rossi is sporting another of his special helmets this weekend, for his home race at Misano. Designed by the Italian’s favorite designer, Aldo Drudi, Rossi’s new lid sports a large picture of a donkey’s face, and the words “The Donkey” written where normally it would say “The Doctor”. The helmet also features Rossi’s dogs wearing donkey ears, completing the donkey motif.

The whole exhibition is in response to Rossi’s crash at Indianapolis, where Valentino was battling with teammate Jorge Lorenzo for the lead of the race, after Dani Pedrosa crashed-out while in the lead himself. El Sumer, like its English translation, is slang for dunce or ass. The ass in this case being Rossi, who handed Lorenzo 25 points on a silver platter, and perhaps let the Spaniard back into Championship contention.

Source: GPone