Rumor: OEM Entering Electric Racing This Season

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There’s a quiet rumor going on in the electric racing circles that a major OEM of internal combustion motorcycles is poised to enter one of the electric racing series this season. Which manufacturer and which series is not being openly discussed, but judging from whom is talking about the possibility, and perhaps more importantly who is not talking about it, our best guess would be a Japanese manufacturer like Honda is at the center of the rumor. Honda has already been caught testing hybrid componentry at the 25hrs of Thunderhill, coincidentally with technology produced by electric motorcycle upstart Mission Motors.

The addition of a company, like Honda, would be an effective kingmaker to the fractured state of the electric racing landscape, and could be the definitive action that sees one series outshine the other(s). Current race teams would surely want to test their mettle against an established brand name, and with an OEM’s presence there surely would be more buzz about the series and the events it holds. There is also of course the added allure of David beating Goliath in such a race, which could appeal to smaller companies who are trying to make a name for themselves.

The issue of what would happen when the OEMs comes out to play has been one of great prognostication in the EV world. Not only would there presence legitimize the space of electric motorcycle racing, but it could facilitate more money and exposure to the sport. In a sport where homegrown efforts have dominated the entries, the addition of an OEM could also help mature the field. We’ll let you decide in the comment section if that’s good or bad for the evolution of electrics. Watch this space for more developments on this rumor.