Paul Denning Explains the 2011 Suzuki GSV-R

04/08/2011 @ 9:07 am, by Jensen Beeler4 COMMENTS

While the 2011 Suzuki GSV-R may look the same on the outside as the 2010 machine, but as Rizla Suzuki Team Manager Paul Denning explains, nearly everything on the bike has either been changed, modified, or optimized for the new season. In all fairness, the team really has just continued development of their current race package, but it is interesting to see what changes they’ve made to be more competitive in the 2011 season.

With the team showing improvement and promise during testing at Qatar, Álvaro Bautista’s unfortunate injury will, in the best of conditions, only delay any sort of progress on the results sheets for the GP team. Still Rizla Suzuki managed to score some points with John Hopkins at the helm during a rainy and crash-happy Spanish GP, but Denning and his crew are shooting for better results this season with their single-rider team. Check out the video after the jump as the Rizla Suzuki boss man explains the 2011 Suzuki GSV-R.

Source: Rizla Suzuki

  • Balzaak

    i really wish they would stop with the white backgrounds, makes me feel like i’m looking at a revell model kit

  • JawDroppin

    It is probably one of the ugliest looking GP bikes in the paddock… :/

  • While my hat’s off to Suzi for persevering with this thing, I can’t help but wonder, “Why?”

    HRC/Honda obviously carried lots of RCV into the current generation CB/RR’s, and it’s not hard to see the trickle-down from the M1 into the R- Yamahas. But I can’t think of a bigger disconnect between the street GSX/R’s (or their Yoshimura-groomed AMA cousins) and the GSV/R V4 MotoGP bikes. Especially since they are perennial backmarkers, now down to a single backmarker. No privateers running them, either. No V4 streetbikes. Then they really beat their head soft using technology no one else uses. Even HRC walked away from Mitsubishi ECU’s, swallowed their pride, went with MagMarelli, Ohlins, etc.

    Like I said, I admire Suzi for soldiering on with this beast, but I sure wish I knew why. Maybe Yosh could do something with this bike . . . . .

  • KK

    i wouldnt say its an ugly bike bike buts it def not sleek by any means. Honestly though, i could care less how ugly it is or if its off the mark compared to other manufacturers its always nice to see as many manufacturers as possible on the grid. It would be nice to get Kawasaki back in the mix as well but i dont see that happening for a little while, as they seem to want to focus on WSBK first before anything esle.

    but who knows with the GSV, it might be competitive, its only been two races and one was in the rain with a new rider and they didnt even field the bike in qatar so who knows.