Photos: Nicky Hayden’s Laguna Seca Helmet

07/21/2013 @ 12:57 pm, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS


The Red Bull US GP at Laguna Seca, fan favorite Nicky Hayden will be sporting a new lid. Themed after Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket, the Arai helmet has another clever use of Nicky’s face in the livery, giving the impression that the Kentucky Kid is wearing a combat helmet while on his Ducati Demsosedici GP13.

When we asked about any meaning behind the helmet design for the US GP Hayden said he simply liked the camo paint scheme, and that his helmet designer, Roby Marchionni of Starline, had thought of the design for the race. However, it is hard not to make some connections between Nicky’s time at Ducati Corse and some of the themes portrayed in Full Metal Jacket. After all, the former World Champion certainly has that thousand-yard stare down pat.











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  • I don’t see Crutchlow riding for Ducati, unless he’s interested in going backwards in the pack. Ducati is not competitive, and it sure isn’t Nicky Hayden’s fault.

  • Mitch

    Also clearly seen is some experimental aero bits, an expanded rear profile like the new Pista and a chin element that reminds me of a sponson on a boat. Looks like they were created using new fast prototyping techniques.

  • He’s been using those for a few seasons now.

  • ducati1098

    I hope Nicky stays in MotoGP and get a competitive Yamaha ride. It makes sense for us to see what else he has ins the tank by being on a Yamaha. I have no doubt that he can competitive again and possibly be a podium contender. What do you think Jensen?

  • mike

    The guy is 9th in the World MotoGP riding a crap bike

    Yeah I hope he sticks around & gets back on a good bike once more.
    But it is getting kind of sparse these days in MotoGP seat wise.

  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    A very cool helmet design.

    What is the deal with Dovi? Second time he’s bashed into Nicky.

  • Prich

    I’m really disappointed to hear that Duc is cutting Hayden loose after this season. All in all, it might be better for NH69 to have an opportunity on a bike that performs, but he’s been a tireless ambassador for the brand.

    I really hope he finds a new ride in GP. It’s not mentioned very often, but he’s a great rider to watch. Hayden has MASSIVE style on a bike. Really smooth, fluid, theatrical and slide-heavy.

    Keep it up Nicky.

  • JW

    Right when I started watching MOTOGP was when Nicky was a rookie. I felt like I was kicked in the gut when Ducati fired him. I will follow him where ever he ends up. Nicky is good for the sport, a class act few can be.

  • Drudi did the camo Arai for Kevin Schwantz in 1991. , as I can recall, also for Laguna SEca. Not Kubrick style, just plain DEsert Storm pattern…