MotoCzysz Wins TT Zero – 96.820 MPH Average

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Mark Miller took the 2010 MotoCzysz E1pc to victory today at the Isle of Man’s TT Zero race. Miller lapped the MotoCzysz E1pc around the Mountain Course with an average speed of 96.820 MPH and with a time of 23:22.890. Just shy of the 100 MPH average speed barrier, Miller passed through the Sulby speed trap going 135.300 MPH, and topped 140 MPH at one point.

Following Miller was Rob “Bullet” Barber who averaged 89.290 MPH on the streamlined Team Agni machine. James McBride finished on the podium with a 88.653 MPH average on the Man TTX race bike. Jennifer Tinmouth on the second Agni finished 4th, just seven seconds behind McBride.

The 2010 MotoCzysz E1pc was a dominate force at the TT Zero event, passing Rob Barber on his Agni before Ballaugh, the second timing point. Miller would go on to extend that position by just under two minutes by the race’s conclusion. With MotoCzysz the clear winner, the second, third, and fourth place bikes were more evenly bunched, and less than 20 seconds apart at the finish.

Eleven seconds behind Barber, McBride showed good speed, making up his 10 second start time difference on Tinmouth by Glen Helen, the first timing point. McBride passed Tinmouth after Glen Helen and went on to maintain his third place position throughout the race.

For Team Agni, the benefits of streamlining Barber’s bike seem to have been negated. The Bullet was able to marginally improve on his speed from last year (+2 MPH on average), but averaged only 1 MPH more over the Mountain Course than his teammate Tinmouth who had conventional fairings on her bike.

MotoCzysz saw similar results with its aerodynamical efforts. Mark Miller lapped the E1pc without the bulk of its fairings around the TT course with an average speed of 94.664 MPH in practice, improving on that pace by just over 2 MPH in today’s race with those fairings installed.

Unfortunately for TT Zero there were a number of no-shows and non-starters today, including 666 Racing (the only Mavizen bike expected at the Isle of Man), Electric Motorsports, and Tork Racing. Additionally, eight bikes left the starting gate, but only five finished.

Source: Isle of Man TT; Photo: Popular Science