MotoCzysz Makes 2012 MotoGP Bid? [Updated]

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In a candid perspective on the current rule changes to MotoGP, Michael Czysz detailed his thoughts on the switch to the 1000cc format for 2012, and what it means to MotoCzysz and it’s racing goals.

After Czysz’s hopes of racing in the pinnacle motorcycle racing series were dashed by the switch to the current 800cc format, the new rules adopted for 2012, which will bring the racing format back to 1000cc’s, may not only breathe life back into the company’s ICE racing hopes, but also give MotoCzysz some advantages as they consider another MotoGP entry.

After a disection and critique on the once again changing MotoGP climate, Michael Czysz in a company blog post hints to the fact we may see another MotoCzysz bid in MotoGP racing:

The 2012 season is a great opportunity! MotoCzysz now has the base motorcycle, enough time and rules actually leaning a little in our favor- we could not ask for a better opportunity. Let’s hope others feel the way I do. There is heavy lifting to be done but great things can be accomplished with many hands and the assistance of a few true believers.

The advantages that Czysz talks about are of course the recent changes and restrictions for MotoGP, which were officially announced this last Friday at the Valencia test for Moto2. While the new rules were only a few lines long, they may give MotoCzysz a jump on the competition.

One example of this is the 81mm bore restriction that will be put in place for 2012. Since the MotoCzysz C1 uses an 82mm bore size already, it is not a large developmental step to make in order to bring the C1 motor in-line with MotoGP’s 81mm bore size restriction. This gives Czysz and his team a leg-up on the competition in developing an tuning their racing machines for peak performance characteristics, while the rest of the teams start closer to the drawing board.

MotoCzysz has obviously another advantage in the form of the four cylinder restriction put in place by the new rules, which will not likely affect the incumbent teams to any meaningful degree, but will keep other would-be entrants at bay (sans using a modified production motor). Similar, the C1 chassis can remain largely unchanged from its current design, meaning the bulk of MotoCzysz’s R&D would be focused on further refinement of their total package, which is another leg-up on the competition who will likely accommodate their new motors with new chassis designs.

We know exactly where our strengths and weakness lie and how to remedy the shortcomings and elevate the entire motorcycle. We came a long way in our first engine design and I am confident by our second iteration we will be competitive. The chassis is very complete, all who have ridden the C1 claim it to be the best handling, most neutral motorcycle they have ever ridden.

We’ve reached out to Michael Czysz about this development, and are waiting to hear back as to where MotoCzysz is headed in the future, and how this affects the company’s plans in the electric motorcycle sector, the E1pc, and their joint-venture with Bajaj. More as we get it.

UPDATE: After initially denying that MotoCzysz would definitively be on the grid for 2012, Michael Czysz responded to our inquiries with his usual cryptology, “the opportunity is there… dependent on finding additional hands and believers…”, which only leads us to further belief that if Czysz can put together the resources necessary to go race in MotoGP, he’ll be there as well.

Source: MotoCzysz