Moto3 Officially Killing Two-Strokes in 2012

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Meeting this weekend, the GP Commission confirmed the demise of two-stroke GP racing as they finalized plans to start the Moto3 series in 2012. Replacing the 125GP racing class, Moto3 will center around 250cc singe-cylinder four-stroke motor with a maximum bore size of 81mm. The class will be open to multiple engine manufacturers, who will have to make their motors available for €10,000 or less.

The GP Commission also decided that each motor manufacturer had to commit to supplying at least 15 riders in the series with their motor, thus eliminating manufacturers from dominating the field with a “factory” team. While the rule has an obvious grounding in what’s happened in 125GP racing with Aprilia dominating the field with special bikes, it’s unclear what it will mean if multiple parties start making Moto3 motors, and the grid swells to Moto2 proportions.

Source: MotoMatters