IOMTT: Rain Washes Out Races for Wednesday

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There was nearly a riders’ mutiny this morning at the Isle of Man TT, as the Supersport 2 race was about to get underway with cloudy skies and a damp track. With the forecast showing strong rain storms coming in the afternoon, race control was eager to get racing underway.

With most of the top riders saying they would not ride a few minutes from the race (except Michael Dunlop who would likely race through Armageddon), one Ketih Amor strolled up to the starting line and wondered where everyone was. He wouldn’t have to wait long though, as John McGuinness, Guy Martin, and other soon arrived, ready to brave the conditions.

With only the front-runners making it one lap around the course, clearly off the race pace, the Isle of Man TT race officials decided to call off the second Supersport race as clouds were wrapping themselves around the Snaefell Mountain, and rain was falling heavily on certain parts of the course. At the time of the red flag, Michael Dunlop lead the race and was ahead of brother William by over 10 seconds. Following them was Dan Kneen who was 40 seconds back.

Helping perhaps precipitate the cancellation for the day was Gary Johnson, who retired in the pits at the end of the first lap, and Keith Amor, who crashed at Union Mills during his second lap. Also crashing was Mark Parrett, but it’s been reported that both riders were ok despite their off’s.

With Supersport 2 a scratch, the later races and practices for the day were also cancelled, as the forecast was not looking to improve, and the roads were eventually opened. Racing will start again on Thursday, which should be sunnier, though about as cold as today. The revised race schedule for June 9 is:

12.15              Monster Energy Supersport 2 (4 laps)
14.15              Sure Sidecar TT Race 2 (3 laps)
15.50              Senior practice
16.30              Subaru demonstration lap
17.15              SES TT Zero

Source: IOMTT; Photo: Jensen Beeler / Asphalt & Rubber – Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0