Video: Hiroshi Aoyama at 300 km/h

08/26/2011 @ 9:11 pm, by Jensen Beeler4 COMMENTS

For Hiroshi Aoyama, the perfect lap is unattainable, as motorcycle racers are always looking for a little bit more speed, and thus a better lap. That being said, the Japanese rider has perhaps an unhealthy relationship with velocity, saying that while going 300 km/h is scary, he “likes that feeling.”

With more super slow-mo footage from Catalunya, Red Bull again brings us some 1000 fps video, just in time to promote Sunday’s Indianapolis GP. For those movie continuity buffs, you can tell this video was made earlier in the year, as Aoyama talks about Indy’s four different kind of asphalt types, which have now been paved over for one consistent tarmac throughout the infield. Watch the high-speed camera footage after the jump.

Source: Red Bull (YouTube)

  • Trent

    Does anyone else remember when MotoGP was “The 200 mph bikes?” Imo, if they’re ever going to win over American crowds, they need to get back to that kind of speed. Especially at Indianapolis.

  • Fastest speed ever at Indy was 201 mph, in 2009 by de Angelis. Stoner’s QP speed right now is 1 km/h under that.

  • MikeD


  • Sean in Oz

    Trent: at Philip Island for some riders the front wheel lifts off the ground at the end of the straight, as the slope drops away, immediately before braking. Plenty of horsepower and speed.