Garry McCoy Leaves FB Corse

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Garry McCoy announced this weekend that he has left FB Corse, presumably after the MotoGP team failed to develop its racing effort in any meaningful way. Beleagured from the start with lofty goals and un-true press releases, FB Corse has struggle both technically and financially to get on the MotoGP grid. After suffering a setback of not being given the green light to race while testing  at Valencia, FB Corse seemed determined to make at least a few wild card appearances this season.

Now with McCoy resigning from the team, the MotoGP paddock expects this to be the end of the Italian racing project (editor’s note: FB Corse has already removed its photos from its flickr stream). Of course knowing Franco Uncini and the FB Corse spin machine, we may still see another press release or two in the future from the Italian racing effort. McCoy’s official statement after the jump, best of luck to you Garry.

Official Statement from Garry McCoy Regarding Leaving FB Corse:

Garry McCoy dissociates from FB Corse

Garry McCoy and italian FB Corse Team have decided in mutual consent to finish the relationship started the 30th of January 2010.

Garry McCoy : “After spending the last 4 months training at top level, today I am at my best mentally and physically to race.

My goal is to come back to the World Championship.

I thought FB Corse was ready to do the step but they haven’t accomplished the needs till now required.

Hopefully soon, I will be able to update you with more news.”

Source: MotoMatters