Garry McCoy to FB Corse? Please God Make it Stop

01/29/2010 @ 1:53 pm, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

We’re so disgruntled over the persistence of the FB Corse rumors, that we’re not even going to try and put together a quality post on the lastest gossip surrounding the hopeful Italian MotoGP team. Seriously, we don’t care if they make an announcement that Jesus Christ himself is going to come down on a beam of light, and ride the FB Corse 34100 to victory. We’re just not going to cover it today.

There is however some credible talk going on in the MotoGP paddock that Garry McCoy, who recently lost his ride at Triumph WSS effort, will be back in MotoGP with FB Corse. Read a more reputable race site for all the news if you still care. We’re going to call it a day here in the A&R office, and go home and play some smooth jazz guitar. See you all Monday.

  • Yeaaa someone has printed what I've been thinking!

  • Garry McCoy to FB Corse? Please God Make it Stop

  • RT @Asphalt_Rubber: …Please God Make it Stop [watching friends struggle with fickle #MotoGP teams. Hang in there!]

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  • skadamo

    LOL, one of those days huh? :D

  • Mak

    Do you wish any news about? Ok, I try in my bad english.
    Hopper said to the team’s management he was sure to race with FB Corse since last year to….ten minutes before tha mail of his manager that said “no more…”.

    FB as is written in Dorna’s contract, as rookie, must have a test where and when Dorna will decide. After the positive end of this test they will come in the Entry List (as Inmotec too). So the entry list can’t be definitive. The same we have about Moto2 : the entry list hasn’t the names of the wild cards. Following Dorna’s discretion the wild cards can be able to race all the 18 GPs but they will be communicate before each race.
    Probably Garry Mc Coy has signed with FB.
    Is the clue finish?