FB Corse Spins MotoGP Rejection, Will Enter at Jerez

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Literally no sooner did we finish our piece on FB Corse missing the boat to start MotoGP at Qatar, than the want-to-be race team released its own press statement, putting some spin on the situation. In what seems to defy logic, FB Corse claims that they have been admitted into MotoGP, and will start at Jerez round of the series, which seems to “enhance” the statement by Dorna that the team may be able “to join the grid once the MotoGP paddock returns for the European stage of the championship.”

This is of course not the first time the team has put a positively rose-colored perspective on a situation, one example of which being their adamant statements that John Hopkins was confirmed to ride for the team (this would latter prove to be a false statement). Continue reading for the rest of this racing melodrama.

FB Corse has seemingly taken Dorna’s suggestion to test and develop the bike further to heart, if not passing the idea off as their own. This is of course despite the fact the team was nearly 7.5 seconds off Casey Stoner’s qualifying time at Valencia last year. According to SportMediaset, McCoy’s best lap was a 1’40, compared to Stoner’s lap record of 1’32.582. FB Corse claims that McCoy lapped the Spanish track without the aid of electronic traction and stability components. Of course at this point, we have to wonder if the bike is even equipped with such devices, and if it was, why they would be off on such an important event for the team.

FB Corse retorts saying that their reason for the au naturel testing condition was to allow Garry McCoy to get a feel for the bike without electronics interfering with the bike’s handling characteristics. Our guess is the electronics haven’t been fully developed yet to be track ready, and thus weren’t installed on the FB01. This would seem to jive with the statements from Uncini that the team as still in the early-stages of preparation, but you can make your own assessments on where the truth resides. Read the ludicrous press release below, and compare it with the statements made earlier by Dorna’s Franco Uncini.


Dorna confirms FB Corse entry in the MotoGP World Championship.

Valencia, 17th march 2010

Today, Franco Uncini and Oscar Gallardo have given their approval to FB Corse after a full day test in Valencia track.

After being confirmed as the new entry, the team FB Corse and Garry McCoy have decided to continue developing the FB01 and start the championship in the Jerez round.

McCoy has done a three days test with a very positive result. The FB01 has been running with no electronics for the Australian to feel the bike.

Garry McCoy: “ What we achieved today for me was remarkable because from where we started from the first day to achieve so many laps today, I really did not expect that at all. I was really wanting to go to Qatar and Japan but I think that our decision is very wise as we have to concentrate on the development of the bike in order to improve and be competitive from the first race.”

Sergio Bertocchi: “I am really happy about all the compliments we have received from Dorna and Franco Uncini. I was not really expecting to be at that level. I am very satisfied that they allow us to enter the championship when we want and we will do the necessary development in order to enter with the best conditions.”

Andrea Ferrari: “I am very satisfied about the results of today. The team has done a great job and they have been working very hard to achieve our main goal. Right now is very important to continue developing the bike.”

Franco Antoniazzi (Oral Engineering): “ We have done an extraordinary job today. There is an absolute symbiosis between Garry, the team and the bike that allow us to work in the best conditions. Garry has everything needed to go further with this project.”

Tomorrow the FB Corse team will continue testing in the Valencia circuit.

Source: Sport Media Set via MotoMatters