While most of our coverage this past weekend focused on the first electric sportbike race to hit US soil, another first occurred at Infineon Raceway: the first female winner of an AMA Pro Racing event. Elena Myers took the checkered flag on Saturday’s AMA Supersport race, albeit with some help from the man with the red flag. From that finish Myers is being touted as the first woman to win an AMA road race, and already there is talk of an entry point for lady riders into this male dominated sport.

While there’s some debate as to what first Ms. Myers is the first female to actually achieve (Sherry Friduss won a pair of AMA Battle of the Twins Heavyweight Modified races in the 1980’s, back when that series was still considered to be an “amateur” event), the feat by the 16 year-old is nonetheless a great accomplishment, and a boon for road racing here in the United States.

When she’s not on the track, Myers is busy maintaining her 4.0 grade point average. What were you doing when you were 16?

Photos of Elena Myers Kicking Ass at Infineon During AMA Supersport :

Photo: © 2010 Dustin Gibbs & Jason Yu / Asphalt & Rubber – Creative Commons 3.0

  • I was there when she won, it was awesome. They had to red flag the race twice due to wrecks… and she won because the guy in front of her went down…. It was a very close race, she probably still would’ve won….

    She did a fantastic job! Keep it Up Elena!

  • Gonçalo

    I was racing myself…. best I got was a pole position and a fifth in estoril, after a breaking a collarbone. It’s all i got from that year….

    Congrats to Elena, I hope she comes out to world level soon!

  • Not to takeaway from Elena’s accomplishment, but Cameron Beaubier might have a thing or two to say about that first red flag. He had easily gapped 2nd place, and was leading before he got reeled back in because of the restart.

    Still, that’s AMA Supersport racing for yah…I don’t think they’ve gotten through a whole race distance yet because of the crashes, and you’ve got to play the ball where it lies.

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  • There’s no such thing as being “gifted” a win, or inheriting a victory in motorcycle racing. Beaubier pulled out a lead the first time, but not the second, when it counted. Pascarella, having caused the second red flag, couldn’t be credited with the win when results were rolled back to the last green flag lap. I admit it was a weird victory but she was still right where she had to be — at the sharp end — when she had to be there.

    For much of the second race, she was also right in the hunt. While there’s probably still a slight gap between Beaubier and two or three other guys, and Elena, she’s getting noticeably closer while riding smarter and more within herself. (Two crashes earlier this season were not her fault, meanwhile those quick guys are actually riding over their heads.)

    Her bike, an ’09 GSX-R that was ridden last year by Jason DiSalvo, is not exactly the hot ticket in the class. Last year, DiSalvo did not manage to win on it, and he’s not a bum. She’s typically been the fastest Suzuki behind a clutch of R6s.

    Is she The One? The first female with a legitimate shot at really top-level motorcycle racing? A lot has to happen to get to MotoGP, and there’s plenty of luck involved. She’s the World’s Fastest Girl though, and she’s as fast, at 16, as most current MotoGP riders were.

    She’ll win again this season, the way she’s visualized it, by beating everyone else to the checkered flag — as long as the other ‘young guns’ stop going off half-cocked at most races!

  • Sean Mitchell

    Jeez, good for her, little over achiever! I’m just jealous. Congrats, girl. You’re three times the rider I’ll probably ever be, and a better student too, it would seem.

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  • Greg

    Go Elena! Kicking ass! Wish I could say the same but my chicken strip says otherwise……