Ducati Corse Adds Diesel to Partnership List

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Ducati Corse is slowly becoming the Lord of the Rings in MotoGP — bringing together some of the largest brands outside of the industry into the pinnacle of motorcycle racing. Already announcing Mercedes Benz’s tuning house AMG as its official car sponsor to the Marlboro Ducati MotoGP team, Ducati announced ahead of today’s start to the Wrooom event that apparel company Diesel would be added to the team’s rostrum of sponsors.

The maker of tight skinny jeans and other fashionable items, Diesel will be adding its “Made in Italy” brand to Ducati’s Italian bikes, and will also supply the Ducati Corse team with apparel for the 2011 season, which we can also only imagine will be made available to the public as well with a modest mark up on the not so modest base prices. Still say what you will about Italians and their fashion, one thing remains impressively true: Ducati is crushing it right now when it comes to finding dollars to go race in MotoGP.

In a time where many teams are asking riders to fund their own racing efforts, Ducati is making it rain. Cashing in on its already strong brand presence in the industry, the added star power from Valentino Rossi is likely pushing things over the top as well. This is just the second of what we expect to be of many announcements of Ducati/Ducati Corse partnering with other strong worldwide brands in an effort to cross-pollinate exposure.

Compare that result to the still nameless Yamaha Racing team, which has not only the current World Champion Jorge Lorenzo, but also Rookie of the Year Ben Spies at its disposal, but no results to show for it expect a vacated position by Fiat.

Source: Ducati Corse