Video: Bridgestone Explains Tires in MotoGP

04/20/2010 @ 9:02 am, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

Bridgestone is halfway through its three year contract with Dorna as the sole tire supplier to MotoGP. The exclusivity contract means that the Japanese tire company has to provide a variety of compounds and options to race teams as they tackle the MotoGP season. Explaining the options available to teams, and the some of the challenges the company faces, Bridgestone has put together these two videos (after the jump) that contain everything you wanted to know about tires and motorcycle racing. Check them out after the jump.

Bridgestone Tires in MotoGP, Part 1:

Bridgestone Tires in MotoGP, Part 2:

Source: Two Wheels Blog

  • TeeJay

    “Italian tire company” – WTF?
    It is Japanese.

  • Sean Mitchell

    Took the words right outta my mouth! Funny…

  • Awww crap…I’m totally going to get docked pay for this one. Thanks guys for pointing it out though.

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