Warp 9 Racing Offers Tubeless Forged Supermoto Wheels

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Maybe it’s because my poor Yamaha YZF-R1 track bike gets left in the garage way more often that my Husqvarna SMR 511 does, but I’ve had supermotos on the brain lately. It’s easy to see why, supermoto racing is a cheap and fun way to get your doctor prescribed dosage of braaap.

So, it is a bit of a mystery why supermoto racing isn’t more popular in the USA. Thankfully we’ve got a series starting up in the Pacific Northwest this year, and it looks like with the AMA involved again that supermoto might get second coming on this side of the pond.

If you haven’t tried riding a supermoto yet, you should. It doesn’t take much, really just a dirt bike that you are willing to shod with 17″ wheels, which brings us to the story at hand, as one of the better places to get some cheap quality supermoto wheels has been Warp 9 Racing, a company based right here in the USA (Salt Lake City).

Warp 9’s spoked wheelsets might not be the lightest on the market, but they do offer great bang for the buck for racers and enthusiasts alike, and what has us really excited today is the debut of Warp 9 Racing’s new forged aluminum wheelsets for supermoto bikes.

Where Warp 9’s spoked wheels would be a cheaper alternative to say a set of Alpinas or a Talon/Excel wheel setup, Warp 9’s forged wheels are a cheaper alternative to what Marchesini is offering in the supermoto space.

Without touching the new forge aluminum wheels yet, it is hard to say what the true weight savings would be, but Warp 9’s wheels are tubeless, which in itself means a strong weight savings on both unsprung and rotating mass (not to mention it makes swapping out tires a heck of a lot easier).

For bonus points, Warp 9’s tubeless forged wheels come with or without a cush drive – the prior being a great option for supermotos that will be ridden mostly on the street. We should note though, Warp 9 is offering the cush drive wheels first, with direct drive wheels coming in the near future.

Like all of Warp 9’s wheels, the forged aluminum supermoto wheelset is customizable and made to order, and comes with wave rotors – all for the price of $1,699.




Source: Warp 9 Racing