Stocking Stuffer: KTM Radial Roadlok

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We came across this interesting item in the KTM PowerParts bin: the KTM Radial Roadlok. A fairly simple piece of machined aluminum, the Radial Roadlok is a more well-thought out brake disc lock for your KTM. Attaching directly to the caliper mounting bolts, the KTM Radial Roadlok, like its predecessors, then uses a locking pin that goes through the holes on the brake disc. Using a permanent static position, KTM says the Radial Roadlok lines up with the holes on the disc, and doesn’t allow the wheel to move at all.

Because of this arrangement, the unit eliminates the embarrassing moments when someone goes to leave a parking spot with the lock still in place, which usually results in a broken front fender at the very least (it’s like this author knows from experience exactly what occurs, right?).

A neat item and a solid stocking-stuffer, we’re still not sure what stops a thief from unbolting the unit from the fork legs, though that’s only part of the equation in dismantling the Radial Roadlok we imagine. It is still a clever idea for the street, but then there’s always the issue of unsprung mass…humpf.

Source: KTM