Sena Debuts Rangeless Intercom App for Motorcyclists

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Those of you with Sena intercoms on your helmets and motorcycles will be pleased to hear that your headsets just got a major range extension, thanks to a new smartphone app that connects to Sena’s communications system.

The idea is pretty simple, really, as the RideConnected App connects your headset via bluetooth, and to your smartphone’s internet connection, and then uses either that wifi or a cellular network to create a talk group.

This means that Sena users can communicate at an infinite range with multiple riders, so long as they have either wireless service available to them. It also means that non-riders can connect to the group talk, with their own smartphone app.

Though this won’t help motorcyclists when they are truly off the beaten path, and thus without a cellphone signal, it should increase the range and usefulness of Sena’s headsets for motorcyclists in most situations.

The ability to have a group connected to someone that is perhaps in a office, should be of particular use to commercial users of Sena products – we are thinking about tour groups or production studios here.

What is not clear though from Sena’s press release is whether all riders will have to be connected via a network signal to talk to a group, or whether local riders can patch in other nearby riders via the traditional radio/bluetooth connection, when coverage varies amongst carriers.

Still, we thought this was a pretty smart feature to bring to the motorcycle headset market. 

Source: Sena

Jensen Beeler

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