Radical Ducati Il Mostro Kit

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It should be apparent by now that we loves us some Radical Ducati here at Asphalt & Rubber. And why shouldn’t we be? Those Spanish desmoholics have put out some really impressive motorcycles the past few years, not only putting their small shop on the map, but Spain as a whole as a budding venue of custom motorcycles (check out the work fro Sbay for more Spanish goodness for instance). The process at Radical Ducati is pretty simple, take parts collected from various Bologna motorcycles, mash them up with some creative flare, add-in some custom fabrication, and presto: you have some unique motorcycles that embody the best of Ducati’s designs.

Now typically if you wanted your own Radical Ducati you’d have to fork over a hefty amount of money, and the figure out how to get your masterpiece back to respective your country of origin. While this technically remains true, you can now at least give your Ducati Monster the Radical treatment, as those crazy Spaniards have come out with the Il Mostro customization kit for the Ducati Monster 696, 796, & 1100.

Comprised of a tail cover, along with right and left fuel tank covers, the Il Mostro kit from Radical Ducati replaces the stock units, and stamps a little bit more uniqueness onto the iconic Monster design. Helping Radical Ducati make the Il Mostro kit is Dragon TT, whose work has also graced the pages of A&R. Kits are available in either fiberglass or carbon fiber, and prices are pretty reasonable.

For the fiberglass version (un-painted), the tail is €70 + VAT, with the fuel tank panels cost €75 + VAT (each, so €150 + VAT total). The carbon version (no clear coat) naturally costs a bit more, and the tail will set you back €120 + VAT, with the fuel tank panels are €135 + VAT each. Even with the Euro nearing a buck fifty in patriot dollars, the Il Mostro kit from Radical Ducati is pretty darn cheap. We think the design is unique enough, while not straying too far from the original design, that with these prices it should do pretty well with the Ducatisti. Muy bien señores!

Source: Radical Ducati