Pirelli Diablo Rossa Corsa Tires for 2010

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For 2010 Pirelli is introducing a new high-performance streetbike tire, the Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa. Replacing the Pirelli Diablo Corsa III, Pirelli intends the Diablo Rossa Corsa (DRC) to be the weapon of choice both on the track and on the street. With a pair of DCIII”s on our Ducati Streetfighter, we’re excited to see what the DRC brings to the table after hearing about the tire at EICMA this year.

The Pirelli Rosso Corsa allegedly is the product of the trickle-down experience that Pirelli gained from being the exclusive tire supplier in the World Superbike Championship. As such, it’s designed to outperform the DCIII in every possible performance measurement including: warm-up time, grip, and mileage.  With a more slick-like tread pattern, the tire looks sportier, but Pirelli says it still offers consistent performance in the wet.

Diablo Rosso Corsa tires use Pirelli’s patented Enhanced Patch Technology (EPT), which Pirelli says optimizes the contact patch area at all lean angles. Also the rear tires use Pirelli’s III zones technology, with a new compound for the center zone, the shoulder zones redesigned with more WSBK inspired tech.

The Diablo Rosso Corsa will be available on the European market starting in January 2010 starting from initial sizing: front 120/70ZR17, along with rear 160/60ZR17 (April 2009), 180/55ZR17, and 190/50ZR17 as well as the 190/55ZR17 size

Source: Pirelli