Nikon KeyMission Action Camera Offers 360° 4k Video

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Here is a fun fact: pretty much every regular photographer you see on Asphalt & Rubber swings a Nikon camera for their craft – even this lowly author. This is probably because Nikon and Canon are the big names when it comes motorsport photography, so the odds workout pretty well on that account.

We have another reason to like Nikon’s cameras though, as the iconic photography brand is keen on getting into the action camera market.

Hoping to give GoPro et al a run for their money, Nikon at CES this week entered wearable video camera market with the Nikon KeyMission.

The Nikon KeyMission video camera is actually two wide-angle cameras, one front and one back, which can be stitched together via software to make 360° video and photography.

Shockproof to 2m and waterproof to 30m, the Nikon KeyMission should be suitable for the rough and tumble adventure that comes with motorcycling, and of course motorcyclists will enjoy the 4k video format.

Nikon’s videography isn’t known to be stellar though, so we’re not sure how the KeyMission will compare to other cameras on the market.

No pricing yet, though we expect the Nikon KeyMission to drop in Spring 2016.







Source: Nikon USA