MV Agusta Cannonball Kit Adds 21hp to the Brutale

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Have you ever wanted a 2010 MV Agusta 1099RR, but thought the bike’s 144hp just wasn’t enough umpf for you. Well MV Agusta has you in mind with this “track only” Cannonball Kit that adds 21hp (165hp in total) to the top of the 1099RR’s peak horsepower figure.

Not an actual new bike from MV, the Cannonball Kit features a new ECU, cylinder head, camshafts, valves, and titanium exhaust system, which boosts horsepower on the Brutale 1090RR without sacrificing any of the bike’s down low torque, which remains at 84.81 lbs•ft.

The intention is to make the Brutale 1090RR a track day weapon, however we think most of the kits will find their way onto daily riders…but keep that on the down-low, it’s not exactly street legal.

For those hoping to complete the track bike effect, or who are looking for a more sporty look. MV Agusta also has aesthetic pieces like a solo tail-section and lower belly pan fairing, along with other carbon fiber and aluminum bits to help lighten and make the Brutale look the racer part.

MV Agusta says it will have an interactive 3D configuration proram on that will allow customers to design their own “Brutale Cannonball”. Once configured, MV Agusta then let’s you check out with the necessary parts to kit out your Brutale. We assume they then arrive in the mail, allowing you to affix them to any track or road bike as you see fit.

2010 MV Agusta Brutale 1090RR Photos:

Source: MV Agusta