Kickstand Kritters: Curiously Classy

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Have you ever tried to park your motorcycle on a soft surface like grass or gravel, only to watch your kickstand sink a hole into the ground deeper than British Petroleum? Neither have we, afterall who would admit to doing the two-wheeled yoga routine that’s involved in finding a piece of wood (or other suitable weight distributor), while balancing a sinking motorcycle? But in case this phenomenon has “happened to a friend of yours”, we’ve stumbled upon the solution to your “friend’s” problem. Cue the Kickstand Kritter.

Just in-case you haven’t pieced it together yet, the Kickstand Kritter is a stuffed plush toy, that has a hard disc center that’s ideal of dropping your kickstand on while parking on uncertain terrain. The result is a motorcycle that doesn’t look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa when you arrive back to it, and there’s a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor going on as well here.

While the frog, poodle, bunny, and voodoo mummy may not appeal to Ducati owners, who have been scientifically proven to lack a sense of humor, they Kritter assortment is sure to be an eye-catcher at the local bike night for the rest of us. We have it on good authority that Colin Edwards has recently modeled for his own Kickstand Kritter plush, while at the British GP…now wouldn’t that be something?

Source: Kickstand Kritters via Bloguidon