GoPro Karma Drone Debuts for Action Junkies

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The name GoPro has become synonymous with action cameras. As such, we are sure that there are quite a few GoPro owners amongst the Asphalt & Rubber readership.

Talk of a GoPro drone has been circulating for some time now, and today the GoPro Karma drone has finally debuted, along with the Hero5 series of the action camera.

The GoPro Karma drone is of course compatible with the latest generation of cameras, as well as the Hero4 Black and Hero4 Silver. The cost is $799 for the GoPro Karma, though you can buy a camera/drone bundle for $999.

That might be a tough ask from GoPro, with there being already a variety of quality offerings in the space at this price point. Without a hands-on experience, it’s difficult to say where GoPro slots in against other brands.

Where GoPro hopes to be different though is 1) with ease of use, and 2) by also providing a full solution for action junkies. To this end, the GoPro Karma is not just a drone, but it is a whole video system that also includes the handheld Karma Grip with an interchangeable three-axis gimbal (borrowed from the drone body).

Additionally, the drone’s rotors are collapsable, which helps fit the GoPro Karma into the provided backpack, along with drone’s video remote and Karma Grip. As you would expect, the Karma Grip can be mounted to the current suite of GoPro mounts.

The idea from GoPro is simple: everything you need to make your action videos, in a form factor that can keep up with your adventurous deeds.

Expect to see the GoPro Karma shipping by late October – just in time for your Christmas shopping, which we’re sure isn’t an accident.




Source: GoPro

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