GoPro Hero4 Session – A Smaller GoPro Video Camera

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GoPro continues to find ways to take our hard-earned money, and today the action-sport video camera company has a new model for us: the GoPro Hero4 Session. The concept here is simple, take GoPro’s Hero4 video camera, and make it smaller in a form-factor.

This sort of progress should surprise no one with a basic understanding of Moore’s law, as we can expect company’s like GoPro to continue to make strives in making their products smaller and more powerful.

In the case of the GoPro Hero4 Session, the gains in size come with trade-offs in performance, as early reviewers suggest that the Hero4 Session has video capabilities just shy of the GoPro Hero4 Silver. All things considered though, that’s still a lot of power, now in a smaller footprint.

The GoPro Hero4 Session is completely waterproof, and has a longer battery life than a Hero4 Silver (it turns off when not recording). Those two facts combined mean that the battery isn’t swappable though. Also, settings changes have to be done via paired device, for now.

The big feature is obviously the form-factor, which should make for some more creative mountings, and some easier mountings for more conventional shots.

Whether that’s worth a reduction in video quality and features is up to you. GoPro certainly seemed capable of using the Hero4 Session to make an eye-catching promo video.

Sport-oriented video cameras are big business right now, with GoPro having a very successful IPO last year, and its stock currently double of its IPO price.

Motorcyclists and other adventure-seekers now have a bevy of choices in the market to from, when it comes to a camera that captures all the moments.

Source: GoPro

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