I am a solid Star Wars geek, but not in the dress-up and go to a convention sort of way – if you know what I mean.

But, this new lid from HJC might have me singing a different tune, as it mimics Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing “Red 5” fighter helmet, in a DOT legal ¾ helmet format.

That’s just cool…in a really un-cool sort of way.

Based off the budget-friendly HJC IS-5 helmet, this Luke Skywalker replica will cost roughly $180 when it comes out (at a date still to be determined).

Additionally, 10 versions of the lid will be signed by Mark Hamill, and auctioned for charity (UNICEF and the Starlight Children’s Foundation), if your geekdom takes you in such a direction (and you have a four-figure wallet).

As you can see, the Skywalker helmet looks pretty accurate to the one shown in the movies. And with HJC’s other Star Wars helmet lineup, your two-wheeled cosplay can now include bullseyeing womp rats, snaking through the Death Star, or making out with your sister.

Source: MotoFire

  • rognin

    “making out with your sister”

  • Sorry. Spoiler alert?

  • paulus

    A cool scooter/commuter helmet.

  • Jack Meoph

    HJC has put out some pretty cool helmets recently. But with as much data as is available on how the only helmet that will actually protect you is a full face, I can not abide. Having said that, I have bought helmets before and never used them, just because. A Rossi helmet (low end mind you) the year he won his 1st MotoGP championship. You just knew that guy was going to be special.

  • Jack Meoph

    I have a Vespa GTS 300 always wear a full face. Hitting the pavement is pretty much the same on a scooter as it is on regular bike.

  • Campisi

    Wait ’til they find out Darth Vader is Luke’s real father.

  • rognin

    And JarJar is the sith lord.

  • walkingshadow

    I’m waiting for a multi/system with Darth Vader theme

  • darren636

    full face ?

  • I just bought the HJC Boba Fett helmet and almost caused an accident wearing it on its maiden voyage as someone in a car craned his neck all the way around to check it out and totally lost sight of what was in front of him. I’m telling myself it’s because he thought I was super cool, not super geeky, but there’s a slim chance the word ‘geek’ entered his mind. Regardless, be forwarned that these helmets are headturners and require extra road awareness. That seems contrary to the whole mission of a helmet, but I’ve never fully understood the ways of the force.

  • Shinigami

    This is what happens when fashion trumps safety.

  • irksome

    Jenson, Jenson, Jenson. You should have held off on posting this article until Thursday.

    “May the 4th be with you”.

  • Keith

    The Boba Fett helmet looks amazing–my favourite for sure.

  • As an added bonus the helmet’s fit and function is, in my opinion, better than the top end Arai that I own. Even if you’re not the Star Wars type the HJC Rpha 11 helmet is excellent, and the non-branded models are not unreasonably priced.

  • Paul McM

    Well, I bet it will prove to be a “collectible” and I do like it more than the retro sparkly helmets the Cafe Racer dorks wear (with the goggles left on top of course). Question is — is this something for the Starbucks crowd or will this be seen on Scooter drivers in JC parking lots.

  • Neil__S

    I told my wife i’m getting this and she wrote back “nerd alert!”. Not exactly the response I was looking for but I don’t care… its gonna be so fun wearing this lid on my Grom!!!

  • Matty

    Yeah. I’m pretty sure she had that response ready to go when you got the Grom.

  • paulus

    The physics is the same… granted.
    For my scooter ride, I use open face. My speed and riding style is very different when on it. Also… the full face doesn’t fit under the seat.

  • Neil__S

    Grom haters are a special breed of haters, congrats. @Matty