New Dunlop Slick Designed Specifically for 600cc Bikes

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Motorcycle manufacturers may be abandoning the 600cc sport bike class, but the folks at Dunlop are continuing to provide support to supersport riders on the track, with a new KR451 slick tire.

For those who don’t know, the Dunlop KR451 slick tire has been the spec-tire for the MotoAmerica Supersport classes, in a 180/55 R17 configuration for the rear wheel.

Choosing now to develop the race tire specifically for supersport riders, Dunlop is releasing the KR451 to fit the 5.5-inch rim used on modern supersports. This has lead to the creation of a 180/60 R17 rear tire size for the new KR451 slick – in soft and medium compounds.

Dunlop says that the new KR451 slicks offer more feel at maximum lean, quicker cornering, increased overall grip, and prolonged tire life. They also go on to boast that lap times with test riders improved by at least over a second with the new tire, compared to the old one, depending on the track.

“As the series tire supplier for MotoAmerica, it would be easy for Dunlop to not aggressively pursue new tire designs,” said Mike Buckley, Dunlop Motorcycle’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

“But we have continually developed our racing products, and this new tire is a way to provide 600-class riders with tire technology designed specifically for that class, which we hope will provide these riders new opportunities to elevate their own performance and get even better at their craft.”

We will have to take Dunlop’s word on it, in terms of the new benefits found to its KR451 tire offering, but it is at least encouraging to see the tire manufacturer supporting supersport riders.

Maybe we shouldn’t be that surprised though, Dunlop is after all the spec-tire supplier for the Moto2 Championship.

Source: Dunlop