Dunlop Makes Its First Tire for Drag Racing Motorcycles

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A form of motorcycle racing that doesn’t really ever get its proper time in the limelight, the hyper-niche of drag racing motorcycles is often overlooked in the two-wheeled world.

This means that in many cases, motorcycle drag racers have had to make do with what’s available to them, and for those who race in a Pro Street Bike class that requires a DOT tire, that has meant a world of compromises.

Dunlop hopes that is about to change though, as the tire-maker has just released its first purpose-built DOT drag racing tire for motorcycles, the Dunlop Dragmax.

Visually, the Dunlop Dragmax looks like the Dunlop Q4 track tire, but with some extra sipes on the edge of the tire’s width. That is where the similarities stop though, with the Dragmax offering a very different profile (flatter and wider), despite its 190/50ZR17 size.

The compound and “N-TEC” construction of the carcass is also different, with an eye on managing the tire’s expansion from high centrifugal forces during competition. To that end, Dunlop says that the compound is the softest it has ever produced at its Buffalo, NY plant.

What is also impressive is that the Dunlop engineers have designed the Dragmax to be used at 11 psi and up, without slipping on the bead of the wheel. Pricing is set at $270 for the 190/50ZR17 rear tire, available only from JME Racing.

Source: Dunlop Racing