April Fools: Dainese D-Bag Hauls All Your Fancy Sh*t

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Only peasants pack their leather suits in regular old duffel bags. Not you though, you are a rider of stature, and that is why you need the ultimate two-wheeled luggage system, the Dainese D-Bag.

Motorcycle racing’s elite trust Dainese not only with their protection on the race course, but the Italian brand also helps racers and track day enthusiasts arrive to the track, in style.

Let’s be honest, we have all wrestled with trying to find a piece of luggage that will complement our matching pair of $30,000 Italian-made track bikes, only to find the other brands are lacking the certain kind of sophistication that comes with reading leather-bound books and sipping triple, venti, soy, no foam lattes.

Have no worry though, because now you can strut down the paddock, on your way to the rider’s meeting, knowing that the D-Bag comes with a set of hand-crafted polymer wheels and an extendable metal alloy luggage handle. The operation on these items is so smooth that you will wonder how the other 99% manages to tote their gear from track to track, while you watch your valet cart this bag with supreme ease.

And once you arrive at your reserved air-conditioned garage, you can open your D-Bag with confidence, knowing that your designer clothes remained steadfast in their place, so as not to scuff your virginal knee pucks.

Once you are done with your day in “C” group, and have finished telling everyone on the internet how you broke 200 mph down the back straight, you can easily pack your signed Valentino Rossi Four Seasons replica AGV Pista helmet in the purpose-built section of the bag, all while imagining an epic post-track day Top Gun high-five with The Doctor himself.

This is flavor country, baby, and your life is salted with the smell of race gas. While this high-octane lifestyle isn’t for everyone, you’re taking things one traction control setting at a time, and with the Dainese D-Bag, everyone will know exactly what kind of rider you really are.

Grab yourself a D-Bag from the local Dainese D-Store, and go haul all your fancy sh*t around – you magnificent bastard.

Source: Dainese

Jensen Beeler

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