Christini Now Offering AWD Kits for KTM Adventure Bikes

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What? You’re still riding around on your adventure bike with only one-wheel drive…like a sucker??! Well, the good folks at Christini have a solution for you, if you’re riding on one of those orange ADV machines.

Releasing their acclaimed two-wheel drive system for motorcycle for the KTM Adventure lineup, Christini is once again shaking up the off-road world.

For those who haven’t ridden on a Christini (you owe it to yourself to try one), the concept is pretty simple to understand. Though, you have to experience the power of having a front wheel with drive capability to appreciate what that can mean for your riding.

The video below shows the power that having 2WD in the sand can offer a rider.

Our experience with Christini comes from the company’s 250cc dirt bike offering, but thinking about it for larger bikes makes even more sense to, as the added weight makes loose traction situations more precarious and less passable.

Expert riders will call using a Christini drive system like hitting the “easy” button, and that is certainly true, especially when you feel the front wheel pulling a spinning rear wheel back into traction. Overcoming obstacles in the trail is easier too.

And now for $4,500, you can upgrade your KTM to have 2WD. It is a pricey sum for a motorcycle upgrade, but consider the price tag that ADV riders rack up with farkles, perhaps this is money better spent.

Expect to see the KTM Adventure kit available from Christini starting in summer of this year. Happy Roosting!

Source: Christini