Attention Ducati Superbike 848, 1098, & 1198 owners with an extra $5,000 laying around, we’ve found the essential Christmas gift for your holiday wish list: the BST carbon fiber swingarm. Made from that magical composite material that makes motorcyclists spasm with delight, the BST carbon fiber swingarm weighs half of what the aluminum stocker tips the scales at, while increasing stiffness.

The BST swinger is also 16mm longer than the stock unit, which is the same length the WSBK guys use for better stability and handling. If you have the means, we highly suggest picking one up, and BST if you’re reading this, we’ll happily take one into the A&R office “for reviewing purposes”. More photos after the jump.


  • TwinMe

    That’s some “Lavish?” Piece of CF they’ve got there.

  • Tony S

    Nice Ferris Bueller reference in there.

  • Stephan

    Unbeknown to show-goers, Serge was the pinkie lifting champion of the world.

  • johnrdupree

    “half of what the steel stocker tips the scales at”

    You really ought to correct this.

  • Sean Mitchell

    Love this. Wish I could afford.

  • Last I heard it still isn’t available. That image is from the dealer expo in Indy at the start of the year…

  • alex

    Que hermosa pieza de ingenieria en carbono. What a nice carbon work