Bell Developing Helmet with Integrated 360° Video Camera

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Are you ready for another post about helmets, especially one with integrated technology? Sure you are, Sparky – and you will be happy to learn about this collaboration between Bell Helmets and a company called 360fly.

Like the Nikon KeyMission video camera, 360fly’s system captures everything around the rider in 4k video resolution, and then creates a video that can be viewed from an immersive virtual-reality perspective.

Thanks to a built-in GPS, altimeter/barometer, and accelerometer, the 360fly system is capable of overlaying telemetry data into its video, among a variety of other features. What really separates the unit from the rest though is what is in the pipeline from 360fly.

The company says that with its 360° it can soon bring new technologies to motorcyclists, most chiefly the ability to alert the rider of possible collisions from objects outside the rider’s field of view, without the need for vehicle-to-vehicle communications.

That same technology can allow the camera to automatically track objects around the rider for filming use, and then cut the video into a “highlight” reel from the ride. There are uses for insurance and law enforcement entities as well.

All of this might seem outside the scope of what consumers are looking for in 2016; but mark our words, 360° video technology will be common place within 10 years, if not sooner.

Look for the 360fly video technology to be a on Bell Star, Bell Moto 9 Flex, Bell Super 2R (mountain bike), and Giro Edit (snow sports) helmet near you soon.

Photos of the Bell Star with 360fly:



Photos of the 360fly Video Unit:




Source: BRG Sports