Yes, Winter Traction Tires Exist for Motorcycles

03/09/2017 @ 2:47 pm, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS

If you are in a region that gets all four of the seasons, you are likely counting down the days to the coming snow-thaw. 

As such, this article might be coming to you a little late for this season, but for next winter you should consider mounting some winter traction tires to your motorcycle. Yes, such things exist.

To be fair, I too was unaware that you could get a motorcycle tire that met the criteria from the DOT,  in order for it to carry the “mountain/snowflake” symbol, but apparently Turkish tire-maker Anlas has such tires in its line-up.

That’s right, for regions of the world that require special tires during the snowy months, there is a tire out there to keep you riding all-season.

We have to thank our friends to the North at Canada Moto Guide, who tipped us off to Anlas’ tires, in their story that talks about the effects of Quebec’s winter tire only rules, and how they affect motorcyclists during the snowy season. Certain regions in Europe require winter tires as well.

Catering to these markets, Anlas has three tires for winter conditions, which fit a variety of applications and wheel sizes.

For street bike riders, you have the “mountain/snowflake” approved Anlas Winter Grip Plus, which fits front wheels that are both 19″ and 17″ in diameter and rear wheels that are only 17″. Shown above and on the left, it looks like a normal street tire with tiny ice treads added.

For more extreme weather though, might we suggest the Anlas Winter Grip 2 (shown on the right), which is siped like a wet-weather race tire, with winter grooves then added for added ice traction. These will be harder to fit to large street bikes, and seemed to be geared more towards bikes with smaller wheel sizes.

Until I try a pair for myself, I have my doubts about how well the Anlas tires actually perform in the real world, mountain/snowflake rating or not. But, there can be no doubt that these tires should side-step any issues you would have with Johnny Law come winter time.

It looks like buying options can only be found abroad, but if someone knows a dealer in the United States, be sure to post it in the comments.

Source: Canada Moto Guide

  • durandal1
  • paulus

    Northern Europe lived with this for many years…. lots of Motorcycle activities in the winter months, you see road riders, ice racing, even Sweden’s 24hour winter enduro… held in October/November.
    There are some real ‘iron men motorcyclists’ in those climates.

  • Chris Jackson

    Grom sizing and I’m in!

  • problem is … whoever creates these laws must have been a little dumbass … as soon as you hit, like, 5 mm lying snow, you will be better served with a TKC80 ‘ish tire ;o|
    (also … ABS, on the front, really doesn’t hurt)

  • Dustin Nisbet-Jones

    I had Schwalbe winter tires on my 50 cc scooter and they worked quite well for light snow. If it got too deep, well, the 10″ wheels wouldn’t be much good and then you’re also facing ground clearance issues with the low travel and all those floorboards to get high-centred on. Winter tires are pretty common for scooters, especially in Europe — I saw ’em everywhere in Germany.

    Nice to see more options for motorcycles but I think I wouldn’t bother putting these on my VFR despite having to leave my bike parked for a painful 3 weeks so far this winter.

  • As someone who lives in Quebec (where such law exists), the law wasn’t intended for motorcyclists. They probably completely forgot about us (or could have cared less). The law was put in place for the 20% of the population who drive cars in the winter who never bothered to put on snow tires and would cause all kinds of traffic accidents.

    But for motorcyclists, it’s a very annoying law. We can’t ride without those tires from Dec 15 to March 15 and imagine a nice warm day on March 10nth.. The streets are dry, it’s warm out.. but you can’t ride.

  • Charles624

    Get the 1 week derogation from the SAAQ!

    Not technically made for that but legally they can’t do anything.

  • not-a-fanboi-honest

    Good luck riding that on asphalt though. I imagine it only works in snow/ at least a cm or so of ice. What happens when you reach some cleared road? ;)

  • not-a-fanboi-honest

    Couldn’t have cared less more like! ;)