Two Enthusiasts Podcast #48 – Mechanical Masochism

03/30/2017 @ 11:25 am, by Jensen Beeler3 COMMENTS

In Episode 48 of the Two Enthusiasts Podcast, we didn’t set out to talk about all the weird technologies in the motorcycle industry, though our conversation certainly covered its fair share of them.

We start the show talking about the Vyrus 986 M2 supersport, which features a unique hub-center steering chassis. This leads us into a conversation about the supersport market, and the rumors that Suzuki is bringing out a new GSX-R750.

From there, Quentin breaks some news that a reliable source has told him that there will be a new Suzuki GSX-R600 for the 2019 model year, which goes against what had previously been rumored. We then finish up the Suzuki talk with a quick discussion about the Suzuki Hayabusa, and hyperbikes in general.

The show ends with us talking about KTM’s new fuel-injection for two-stroke dirt bikes, and what that means for that segment of the industry. Q also tries his best to explain how transfer port injection works, though we would recommend googling some visual adds when you get to that portion of the show.

A fun show, though we think you will also find it very insightful as well.

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  • Dustin Nisbet-Jones

    Great episode — the whole 2 stroke discussion was fascinating. I’d absolutely love it if you guys had some sage guru on to explain the whole 2 stroke/fuel injection/Euro4 compliance thing. Fascinating engineering at work, I’m sure.

  • Manny Fresh

    Loved the show. I agree about the bike naming conventions. Maybe manufacturers should just go to names and drop the numbers alltogether.

  • Zachary Bosma

    Great 2 stroke discussion. Quentin should check out the 2 stroke direct injection technology from Bombardier. They have used it in snowmobiles and outboard motors for years. It is called E-TEC and can be found in several SkiDoo and Evinrude engines. Thanks guys.