You Can Now Listen to All Our Motorcycle Podcasts on Spotify

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For a while now, we have been getting requests for our family of podcasts to be on Spotify, and today your requests have been answered.

That is right, you can now listen to the Brap Talk, Paddock Pass, and Motorcycles on the Record (MOTR) podcasts on Spotify (those links should open your player), and any smart speaker device that can use the audio service. Booyah!

If you do listen to these shows, and you have Spotify, be sure you click the “Follow” button on their profiles, so you get notified when a new show is uploaded.

As always, if you choose to listen to the shows still through the Apple Podcast service, please leave them a review. It helps the podcasts rank higher in Apple’s search engine, which also means that it helps new listeners find the show – that’s called a win/win!

Just in case you aren’t already, here are the social media accounts from the shows that you should be following:

Brap Talk Motorcycle Podcast:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Apple Podcasts, Google PlaySoundCloud, & RSS

Paddock Pass Podcast:

Facebook, Twitter, Apple Podcasts, Google PlaySoundCloud, Patreon, & RSS

Motorcycles on the Record (MOTR):

FacebookTwitter, Apple Podcasts, Google PlaySoundCloud, & RSS 

Of course, everyone involved with these shows is grateful for all of our listeners. We just recently crossed over the 15,000 listener mark, which is crazy and awesome at the same time.

The motorcycle industry has been slow to adopt podcasts as a legitmate form of media, but we are slowly changing that, and it is great to see other outlets following our lead in producing shows.

We have many more episodes still to come, and maybe even a few more shows to produce, so we hope you will keep listening and spread the word to other two-wheeled podcast enthusiasts. Thanks! -JB