Yamaha’s Sales Up in North America, But Down Worldwide

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Honda appears to be the only Japanese OEM making headway in 2012, as Yamaha has reported its sales figures for Q1 2012, and the tuning fork brand is down slightly worldwide, despite being up significantly in North America. Selling 1.599 million units worldwide in the first three months of the year, Yamaha is down 5.3% when compared to the 1.689 million units it sold last year during the same time period.

With most of the lost sales occurring in the Asian markets, Yamaha is blaming the currency exchange and the flooding in Thailand for their effects on its first quarter global sales. However on a smaller front, Yamaha can at least thank the rebounding economy in North America, as domestically the company is up 25% for Q1 2012 — as insignificant to its core business as the North American markets may be.

Selling 20,000 units so far this year (compared to the 16,000 units in Q1 2011) in North America, Yamaha also saw modest gains in Europe, where the company sold 45,000 units, for a 2% gain over last year’s 44,000 units. Yamaha expects to sell 8.277 million motorcycles worldwide, with 72,000 of those units coming from North America.

On the balance sheet side of things, Yamaha grossed ¥209.9 billion in motorcycle sales revenue worldwide, down 4% from last year’s ¥219.7 billion figure for Q1 2011. The decline in growth was not translated to the North American market though, as domestically Yamaha gained 3% by grossing ¥13 billion. As for earnings, Yamaha pocketed ¥11.5 billion in Q1 (down 14%), and expects to make only ¥17 billion worldwide for the year.