Yamaha Is Offering a 270hp Motor to Electric Vehicle Companies

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Ok that headlines is a slight exaggeration on the truth, as Yamaha Motor is actually offering a range of prototype motors that produce 35kW to 200kW of power, which works out to be a range of 47hp to 268hp. Still, that is a lot of juice.

The prototypes are a range of interior permanent magnet synchronous motors (IPMSM), which are scalable in design and suitable for a variety of uses.

Yamaha surely has its eye on car and other four-wheeled applications, but there is nothing specifically stopping someone from using a synchronous IPM motor in a motorcycle.

We could say that another way: there is nothing stopping Yamaha from using the IPMS motors in a motorcycle. 

The tuning fork brand already has several EV projects cooking, the most interesting of which is the company’s electric trials bike, the Yamaha TY-E.

With this range of power outputs available, Yamaha could power an entire medley of motorcycle models, from lightweight street bikes, to competent dirt bikes, all the way to tire-shredding superbikes.

Yamaha has been teasing us with a number of electric concepts – of the two-wheeled, three-wheeled, and even four-wheeled variety – and perhaps this news means that they are closer to developing those ideas into consumer-facing products.

Source: Yamaha Motor