Video: Brammo Empulse RR Testing

11/29/2010 @ 4:19 pm, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS

The guys up in Ashland have been busy testing their Brammo Empulse RR electric race bike. Taking some laps around Thunderhill Raceway, and hitting the curves around the Ashland area, Brammo’s Director of Product Development Brian Wismann was at the helm of the Empulse RR in these videos. Surely gearing up for the 2011 racing season, Brammo was testing the Empulse RR’s systems, and from the looks of it, the Empulse RR has some moves. Videos after the jump.

Source: Brammo Owners Forum; Photos: Jensen Beeler / Asphalt & Rubber – Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0

  • Thumbs up on the “over the line” tag. And thanks, as always, for the attribution, kind sir.

  • There’s always gem or two hidden in the tag lines. ;) Your welcome on the link.

  • wrecks

    Has to be the best looking ebike of the bunch.

  • Steve Lang

    Great looking bike and respectably fast on the track. These things are getting serious. Curious to see them when the batteries get small and they are developed more in the coming years. This is very exciting and I NEVER thought I’d say that. A long way from my old TD2 Yamaha… that’s for sure.

  • Mickey

    Thunderhill is a track I know well after 7 years of AFM racing. Sadly T-hill looks even bumpier when there’s no screaming engine to distract the viewer. The bike does not look fast. From these brief clips the rider is not taking the best lines so that could be part of it. At about 4:40 we get passed by a 600 rider going into T10. With a bad line, and bad drive off the top of T9 that could be an easy pass for someone, more telling is how we get eclipsed by the same rider coming out of T13 onto the back stretch. We’re always looking for comparisons between existing bikes and electric bikes, and this tells us a little story, but truly we can’t compare unless we are matching equal riders or even the same rider over multiple sessions. It’s still creepy quiet no matter what you think of the bike.

  • Brij

    coming along real nicely! 10 years ago, we would never envisioned something like this would ever happen! Kudos to you guys!

  • Mickey,

    You’re correct. I posted these videos in a forum with some comments stating that 1. I’m not a professional (or even amateur) racer and 2. We were out collecting data on the bike with at most 1 hot lap. Many times I was watching those tiny numbers on the display more than I was paying attention to my line. I also edited the video specifically to show that pass you mention to show 1. where gas bikes are inherently faster (on the straights) and 2. that besides racers like yourself, the rider is mostly the limitation on a bike’s performance.

    Those aren’t even my worst corners… you should see me screw up turn 14 (and subsequently 15)!

  • ML

    DO WANT!

  • Mickey

    @BrammonBrian: I WANT TO RIDE IT :)
    One of the things that has me the most mentally disturbed is no clutch / shifting action. After years of trying to figure out when to downshift, how to smoothly let out the clutch while braking as stupidly late as my front tire will allow, not shifting just seems wrong. However since you don’t have all that business to distract you then you can focus much more of your attention on braking, and corner entry.

    So with that said chassis geometry and weight distribution are going to be huge. Without the distraction I’m going to want to brake beyond stupid late, and really load up the front end on corner entry. Ride height adjustment front and rear will help and during preseason testing having some different sets of triple clamps with different offsets to adjust rake and trail will also be helpful.

  • Wieso?

    I like the bike… Glad i aint a Canadian cuz Brammo thinks they are to stupid to ride one… Or am i mistaken when i read the rules for that sweepstake? “If a Canadian participant qualifies to win this prize, s/he will be asked to return by mail, her/his correct answer to a skill-testing question involving general knowledge, in order to be declared a winner and receive her/his prize.”

    So ANY stupid moron from ANYWHERE on this eaerth can win your bike but the Canadian can’t cuz they must answer a question correctly first? WTF???

  • @Wieso? – I doubt Brammo thinks Canadians are stupid. Rather, Canada is one of the countries with a sweepstakes law that requires winners to solve a math question so that the contest will not be classified as gambling. And I’m pretty sure that the math question won’t require advanced calculus. So yes, any “stupid moron from ANYWHERE on this eaerth [sic]” can win the bike. Even you.

  • Well Brian, you probably piloted the RR better than I could at TH. Turn 11 was a problem for me… didnt do all that well on 5 either… or the rest of em for that matter… Really I was concentrating on just having fun and not wrecking my brother’s gsxr750. In this case we are talking about a one of a kind machine though, that’s huge pressure there.

  • Jeremy & Brian:

    How do you guys go to T-Hill, and not give me a call? It’s like 30 minutes from A&R.