Two Enthusiasts Podcast #63 – Back, To The Future

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Episode 63 of the Two Enthusiasts Podcast is out, and it is a massive deep dive into the future of transportation and the rise of electric motorcycles.

But before we get back, to the future, we first talk about Jensen’s recent trip to California, to ride the Aprilia Dorsoduro 900 (named after a university district of Venice, Italy – by the way) and the Aprilia Shiver 900.

Both bikes are revised for the 2018 model year in the United States, and are interesting machines in Aprilia’s lineup. You can read Jensen’s full review on them here and here.

From there, our discussion turns into a impromptu deep conversation about electric vehicles, urban infrastructure, global politics, and the future of transportation.

All of this stems from Governor Jerry Brown’s goal to ban the sale of internal combustion engines in the State of California – a move that mimics similar announcements from several European countries, as well as China.

We also talk about battery technology that is on the horizon, namely solid-state batteries, which several car OEMs plan to use in their upcoming designs. Dyson is another brand looking at vehicles powered by solid-state batteries.

Moving from there we talk about infrastructure, both in terms of how to power electric vehicles, but also how renewables can change fundamentally our energy grid. We also talk about how transportation is going to change in the coming years, which will also affect vehicle ownership.

In all, it is a pretty deep dive on the topic, and while it wasn’t really a planned segment for the show, we think the analysis and discussion is pretty far-reaching and detailed. We can certainly expect to talk about this in greater details in the coming months and years.

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