Toseland Breaks His Silence About Colin Edwards

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In these last months, some serious events at Monster Tech3 Yamaha have occurred. First, there was the pits that separated James and Colin from each other. And despite all this, James Toseland has kept a very low profile and refused to talk about the events that have surrouneded him, that is, until now. Continue reading to hear what Toseland had to say about himself, and the current state of the Tech3 camp.


Toseland finally broke hid silence in this interview with the BBC Sport:

“It didn’t have to happen like this, and I can imagine why he feels the way he does. We just need to sit in a room and talk about the situation, but he’s got a wall in the garage like he wanted.

I had a communication problem with the engineer and thought another year of that and I could find myself without a GP ride. I’ve no problem with his ability as an engineer – it was about communication. He didn’t speak English that well and with my Yorkshire slang, I think that made things difficult too. I needed someone experienced who understood me to help me get where I wanted and to punch my weight. The only problem was that there was no communication going back to Colin, so all of a sudden he’s told by Garry.

In all the press you can see how it looks – we’re not talking to each other. In the team, I can’t say ‘I want that to change’ – that’s what it’s looked like to people reading it.

I’ve got a slating off a lot of people and I’ve taken it all on the chin. It’s a playground stuff now and it didn’t need to get to this.”

Toseland has echoed again his problems in communicating with former crew-chief  Guy Coulon, and the importance that this season has for his career, but despite this basis his reason and motivation, we do not think its an argument that Edwards, or the public at large is going to accept as being anything beyond selfish. Toseland is going to have to turn around his performance on the track too, if he is going to prove that there was some method to this madness.

Source: TwoWheelsBlog; Photo Getty Images

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