Video: Rok Bagoroš & KTM Stop Time

11/28/2011 @ 2:37 pm, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

We’ve featured Slovenian motorcycle stunter Rok Bagoroš and his KTM 125 Duke before, and we’ve talked at length about how the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer makes some of the best promo videos in the biz…needless to say, you can see where this post is headed. In the interest of time, let’s assume I’ve already written enough hyperbole about how great this video is, and also enumerated a sufficient number of points about how current motorcycle industry marketing offends me on a variety of visceral levels.

With only a few more weeks remaining in 2011, let’s instead shift the discussion and begin the countdown as to when KTM will bring a larger displacement Duke to the US market. Already building a 200cc version for select markets, KTM is set to bring a 350cc Duke to the US for the 2013 model year. That gives us roughly 350 days before the bike’s public debut (unless of course we see some “spy photos” of the machine ahead of time). If you don’t get excited about a more powerful version of what Bagoroš is riding after the jump, then check your pulse…you might be dead.

Source: Rok Bagoroš

  • Toby

    Love the slow motion

  • 76

    Nice vid, and yes no doubt no bull$hit unless there is some monumental f%&kup with the 350 I will have one the day they arrive.

  • fazer6


  • Beary

    Poetry in motion, what a wonderful video.

  • Greg

    Was this done green screen or something? There’s distortion around the bike of the background. However, real tricks, real awesome!

  • Chris

    The super slowmo is done via post processing and strives to fill in the gaps in the 60fps to make it up to 1000 fps (or something like that). That is where the warping around the wheels/spokes comes from. It is trying to make the best guess at where items will be in the missing frames from the one before and the one after. See

    Cool video either way!!!