I have had to zip my lips for far too long about this project, but A&R can finally tell you about On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter – the sequel to the famous documentary of a similar name.

A project by Dana Brown, the son of Bruce Brown, the man who filmed the original On Any Sunday, this next installment follows a variety of amateur and professional racers and enthusiasts, from a broad-spectrum of two-wheeled disciplines.

A true enthusiasts’ movie, On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter promises not to be the thinly veiled sales pitch from the motorcycle industry that was Why We Ride, and instead focuses some of the great (and lesser) names of two-wheeled motorsport.

Of course KTM and Red Bull are footing a bit of the bill, so their riders favor heavily, but so far we like what we see, and it’s about time that the Browns continued the On Any Sunday storyline, which featured names like Malcolm Smith and Steve McQueen. Enjoy the trailer below, and stay tuned for more info.

Source: On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter

  • Jake F.


    The keen observer will have noticed a Riders for Health motorcycle in that preview. ;)

  • Jose Barreira

    Alright…!!!! Thanks Dana.

  • jr2

    Good eye on the Riders for Health rider with the kids following… Did I also catch a few seconds of the Pikes Peak hillclimb?

    Jensen, do you have any involvement in this (that you can mention?) or was your earlier awareness due to you being part of the “media”?

    Very exciting project… with RB involved you know it will get lots of attention… (reaching for his SF RB….)

  • L2C

    That’s fantastic! On Any Sunday was great! Woo-hoo for the sequel! :-)

  • Campisi

    They already did a sequel.


    Not as good as the first, but still worth a watch (or three).

  • Jimil

    Oh man…can’t wait!

  • Kalle

    Let’s hope it’s done with some restraint, compared to the platitude-crazy Why We Ride.

  • chris

    since when do speedway bikes turn right, lets hope Dana doesn’t flip over all of the footage when he’s in the cutting room.

  • Troy

    The frame flex at 1:30 is awesome. I would love to see how all the MotoGP bikes flex in the corners

  • CharlieDog

    So when will the movie be released???

  • Ian John


  • Shawn


  • jr2, no personal involvement with the project, nor have they reached out to A&R. They were all over Pikes Peak though, and of course the film follows some personal friends.

    Last I heard it was being submitted to Cannes, which usually means they’re shopping it for distribution. Once that’s in place, I imagine we’ll hear a release date.

  • paulus

    Very cool… Look forward to seeing it and then supporting it again with a DVD purchase (when/if).

    Not criticizing this movie…but watching the opening credits made me realize that I am kind of energy drink-fatigued. Shame the branding has to appear on so much of the 2 wheeled sports action.