A Motorcycle Service Manual in Your Dash? A Look at the Motus MST’s All-Glass Cockpit

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This weekend at MotoGP’s Red Bull US Grand Prix at Laguna Seca, I stopped by the Motus ten to give Lee Conn and Brian Case some grief, and to see how the production-ready Motus MST was looking. The bikes looked similar to their prototype form from two year’s ago, with obviously more fit-and-finish in the overall design. One of the big changes I noticed though was that Motus has dropped the industry standard analog tach and LCD speedo for an all-glass cockpit design.

Going the same way as the Mission Motorcycles Mission RS, Motus Motorcycles has put a multifunctional LCD dash on the Motus MST which not only makes for a cleaner design, but also adds some cool new features for two-wheeled enthusiasts. Every time I talk to Lee, he comments on how tuner-friendly the MST is for owners, so unsurprisingly one of the features of the LCD dash is the on-board service manual. Need to adjust the chain? There’s an app for that.

Navigating through the systems is noticeably easier with the ATM-style eight-button layout (there’s a joke about the MST’s $30,975 price tag in there somewhere), which is infinitely easier to use than the electronics packages provided by say Ducati or Aprilia, though I still think the touchscreen-equipped Mission R takes the cake. It’s still a cool feature though, and shows that up-start companies like Motus are helping bring the motorcycle industry inline with the advances made so far in the 21st century.



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