Motus Expands Its Dealership Network

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Motus Motorcycles continues to grow its dealership presence, especially with the announcement that the American motorcycle outfit has added eight new dealerships to its dealer network.

That addition brings Motus’ total to 22 dealers in the United States with more on the way, the company says.

That’s good news for riders interested in a unique American-built motorcycle, especially those that are familiar with tinkering on push-rod muscle cars.

Just in case Motus has fallen off your radar, the motorcycle startup is based out of Birmingham, Alabama and is selling an American-based sport-tourer that features a proprietary pushrod V4 engine, which was made in collaboration with Pratt & Miller.

For those who are in the know, that is already an impressive pedigree to be aligned with. Motus has teamed up with other premium brands as well, like Akrapovic, Brembo, BST, Öhlins, OZ, and Sargant Seats.

With the Motus MST being the 165hp base model, and the Motus MSTR being its 180hp fire-breathing sibling, the bikes are slowly but steadily leaving Motus HQ, at $30,975 and $36,975 respectively.

Asphalt & Rubber recently had a chance to ride the Motus MST and MSTR. You can hear some of our early thoughts on the bikes in the latest Two Enthusiasts Podcast episode, but keep an eye out of a more thought-out “not-a-review” on the site as well.

Source: Motus