Motorcycle Industry Council Buys the AIMExpo

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Interesting news, as the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), the American trade group that is comprised of most of the motorcycle manufacturers, has acquired the motorcycle group of Marketplace Events LLC. What this really means is that the MIC has bought the AIMExpo, America’s largest trade, consumer, and media event.

We say this news is interesting, because you don’t usually see trade groups like the MIC in the mergers and acquisition realm, though the acquisition makes sense from a promotional point-of-view.

For those who don’t know, the MIC serves the interests of the motorcycle industry as a whole in the United States, and thus there is a lot to be gained by the MIC also controlling arguably the most important expo event for the American motorcycle industry.

This likely means that we will see more US models debuting at the AIMExpo, giving the show a status similar to the EICMA show in Italy and the INTERMOT show in Germany.

This, in-turn, should mean more press and more consumers in attendance, who will be eager to see world-priemeres of new models. It also adds extra importance for members of the industry to attend and conduct business under one centralized roof. Win-win-win.

What remains to be seen is how the AIMExpo will change in other matters. We’ve been seeing a pattern of consolidation in the motorcycle industry lately. Very little of it has been good for enthusiasts, so the proof will be in the pudding with this MIC/AIMExpo deal.

“MIC’s primary goal is to ensure the show’s ongoing growth and success, and that requires not only a depth of tradeshow experience, but broad experience in our industry,” said Dennis McNeal, MIC chair and Yamaha Motor USA’s Vice President of Motorcycle Operations. “The entire AIMExpo team have that kind of experience, and the MIC board of directors, by unanimous vote, is excited to have them join the staff of the MIC.”

“The concept of MIC owning AIMExpo is actually quite common in the association world where many trade shows are owned or operated by their industry trade associations,” said AIMExpo Founder Larry Little.

“This strategic configuration makes it much easier to build on existing industry synergies, align the industry’s key stakeholders, and connect manufacturers and distributors of products and services in a valued face-to-face environment with retailers and consumers who have the greatest interest in their offerings.”

AIMExpo 2015 will take place October 15th-18th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. The show is open to credentialed trade and media professionals on October 15th-16th, then opens to the general public October 17th-18th.

Source: AIMExpo