MotoCzysz Confirmed with TT Zero – Will Return to the Isle of Man with 90% New Bike

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MotoCzysz has confirmed today that they will be racing at the Isle of Man’s TT Zero event. The Portland based team has been hard at work on a new bike design that they feel not only has a chance of breaking the 100mph barrier, but possibly winning the event as well. MotoCzysz was a favorite in last year’s event, but failed to finish after suffering a failure to its Agni electric motor drive system. Learning from that hard taught lesson, Czysz & Co. are expected to return to the Isle of Man with their new 2010 E1pc, and tackle the Mountain Course once again.

The Isle of Man has put up a £10,000 bounty to the first zero emissions team to break 100mph under race conditions while on the Mountain Course. Should more than one team break 100mph during TT Zero, the fastest team will claim the prize. With their eye on this prize, MotoCzysz is expected to have a race bike for the Isle of Man that is 90% new, with changes likely including an all new MotoCzysz proprietary controller system and motor setup.

Talking to Asphalt & Rubber, Michael Czysz lamented about the challenegs of making another electric race bike basically from scratch, “There is even more work to do in less time than last year. The new 2010 E1pc is anything but a timid solution.” Czysz jokingly continued, “for 2011 we are going to just change paint and graphics!” giving a hat tip to the daunting effort of refining their E1pc in just one year’s time.

The new E1pc is rumored to have the highest torque/density energy powertrain in the racing class, while still weighing significantly less than its predecessor. Talking to, Czysz commented, “We are very excited to be returning to the Isle of Man to compete in the 2010 TT Zero. The fact that electric motorcycle racing has been elevated to an official class within the TT shows the commitment of the Isle of Man Government in providing the low emission pioneers with a world stage to demonstrate their solutions. This may end up being one of the purest prototype classes left in racing.”

With this announcement, we see the first major team toss their hat in the ring with TT Zero. With teams like Brammo still unconfirmed for the 2010 racing season, and Mission Motors at least second guessing their exclusivity with TTXGP, we doubt this will be the last team we hear making the comment to race across the pond. More as we get it.

Source: via Plugbike; Photo: © 2010 Peter Lombardi / Peter Lombardi Kustom Photography