Moto2 and Supersport Have No Conflict According to Paolo Flammini

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Ever since the concept of the Moto2 class was announced, there has been some tension between the Flammini brothers and the Dorna for stating the Moto2 racing class. The Flammini brothers run the World Supersport class, which is sanctioned to be the only Production 600cc World Championship Series by the FIM. Moto2 has been accused by some for , and it would appear that Paolo and his brother Maurizio agree with us. had the opportunity to ask Paolo Flammini directly whether he believed that the new Moto2 class as it currently stands conflicts with the World Supersport class run by him and his brother, and Flammini said the following in response:

“The philosophy in Moto2 is correct, in my opinion, because it does not conflict with our Supersport. It’s a prototype motorcycle, at least the chassis is prototype and the engine is unique to the class: So it has no relation to our philosophy of motorcycles directly related to those freely available to the public, for use on the roads. In other words, the Honda CBR600RR races in the World Supersport series … and above all, it races against bikes from four other manufacturers.”

Moto2 is not out of the woods yet, as Flammini made it clear that IMS would be keeping their options open for a bit longer, saying, “We may examine the new rules more carefully, to evaluate whether there are points which conflict with our rules and our contracts.”

Source: GPOne