Moto Morini Going Back into Production January 2012

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The Moto Morini emblem may be an eagle, but today it might be more fitting if the Bologna-based company used a phoenix instead. Coming out of the ashes of bankruptcy, Moto Morini was auctioned off for €1.96 million earlier this year. Now the company says it will be going back into production in the new year, almost a year after its purchase. Initially offering the 9 ½, Corsaro 1200, Granpasso, and the Scrambler models, Moto Morini says it is poised to release a fifth new model in the spring of 2012.

From reports, it sounds like Moto Morini already has a core management staff in place, and will soon be bringing a production crew back into the factory. Business operations are seemingly being run out of Milan, while production will continue out of the Bolognese factory. There is no word yet on what sort of volume Moto Morini will be working towards, nor how the company’s new owners plan on revitalizing the Italian manufacturer into a profitable brand.

What piques our interest though is this mention of this new model. With not so much has a concept sketch, spy photo, or any other indication made about its existence, we’ll be very surprised if it is ready for production by early next year. Though, we’ll be very intrigued to see what sort of concept Moto Morini does bring forth. Until then, let’s welcome back one of Italy’s oldest motorcycle brands.

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