Build a Horex VR6 in 46 Seconds

04/29/2011 @ 9:01 am, by Jensen Beeler3 COMMENTS

Development of the Horex VR6 street bike continues at the German company, with this latest teaser video hitting YouTube (we suspect it will put a sizable dent in the Royal Wedding viewership, at least it did for us). Using a time-lapse video technique, we see the Horex engineers assembling one of their Horex VR6 prototype motorcycles in just 46 seconds (less if you don’t want to count the end branding).

As the name implies, Horex is using a 1218cc VR6 motor, which offsets and staggers the six cylinders with a 15º “V” arrangement that allows for a more compact design across the bike’s width. Supercharged, the Horex VR6 will make nearly 200hp, while weighing 526 lbs, which should excite many road-going two-wheel fans. Check the video out after the jump.

Source: Horex (YouTube)

  • RSVDan

    This is a hugely intriguing bike to me. Between this and the Motus, we have some really interesting new alternatives! I hope both companies are able to follow through to production.

  • MikeD

    Just a random thought: ALL these big power plant bikes are starting to move the steering neck/ front wheel/HandleBars Combo more and more into the next ZIP Code zone ahead of it… K1600GT Anyone ?
    Although it might not seem a big deal on these classes it has always been said that for a given wheel base u wan’t the swing arm to be the long part here, not the front “section” of the bike.
    I could be way off here, but…
    Maybe try rotating the crankcase in the frame like that Kawasaki Patent from not too long ago ? Or like the Husaberg FS570 solution ? Just saying…lol.
    I could be bias here, as i love the look of a long swing arm and small stubby front (S1000RR comes to mind).

  • Ryan

    Super clean lines and amazing power… This is my new dream bike. Can’t wait til they hit the states!