Harley-Davidson Sales Continued to Disappear in 2019

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The yearly results for Harley-Davidson are out, and once again they paint a dark figure for the iconic American motorcycle brand, as its total worldwide sales collapsed like a dying star, with a decline of 4.3% to bring the company to a  total of 218,273 units sold worldwide.

Things were worse in the domestic market, with Harley-Davidson’s sales in the USA showing a 5.2% drop (125,960 units) from 2018’s figures.

This leaves the Bar & Shield brand’s international sales down an even 3% (92,313 units) – for those doing the math.

  4th Quarter Full-Year
2019 2018 Change 2019 2018 Change
U.S. 20,204 20,849 -3.1% 125,960 132,868 -5.2%
EMEA 7,187 7,353 -2.3% 44,086 46,602 -5.4%
Asia Pacific 7,691 7,244 6.2 % 29,513 28,724 2.7 %
Latin America 2,513 2,515 -0.1% 9,768 10,167 -3.9%
Canada 1,159 1,350 -14.1% 8,946 9,690 -7.7%
International Total 18,550 18,462 0.5 % 92,313 95,183 -3.0%
Worldwide Total 38,754 39,311 -1.4% 218,273 228,051 -4.3%


As one can imagine, Wall Street didn’t take the news kindly, with Harley-Davidson stock dropping roughly 3% on the news. This is due in part to investor confidence in the brand, but also because of the hit that the sales drop has meant to Harley-Davidson’s financials.

Yearly revenue for Harley-Davidson was down 8% in 2019, with the operating income down 31% compared to last year.

The only positive one can take from the Harley-Davidson balance sheet is the revenue increase coming from the company’s financial services division, which was up 5.5%. However, the operating income from Harley-Davidson Financial ended down 8.6% for the year.

Despite all this, Harley-Davidson’s CEO Matt Levatich remains committed to the company’s change in business direction, as it promises a better long-term stability for the brand than the company’s past trend of focusing solely on the cruiser market and baby boomer generation.

The question for Harley-Davidson loyalists (and financial investors) though is how much bleeding will still need to come from Harley-Davidson before the company is healthy again?

Our guess is that Harley-Davidson still has some tough sales reports still in its future, and it will be several years before the brand is stable again…if it makes it that far.

Source: Harley-Davidson

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